CX4 to VNX2 upgrade

I have a CX4-240 that has worked well for years, but it is going to be time to upgrade soon. I would like to know if it is possible to:

Purchase a new VNX2 and remove the DAEs and disks from the CX4 and use them on the new VNX2? There will be no data to migrate since it has already been moved to another storage system.

Has anyone done this migration? Is it possible? Why or why not?



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Re: CX4 to VNX2 upgrade


you will not be able to do that, different architecture (SAS backend in VNX1/2 versus FC backend in Clariion)

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Re: CX4 to VNX2 upgrade

CX4's DAE is incompatible with VNX's.

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