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Clariion lost all disks in enclosures above a faulted one

We have 8 enclosures on loop 0 bus. Suddenly enclosure 4 reported an unspecified fault (state change) and powered down all its disks as it was controlled by SPA.

Description Storage Array Faulted Enclosure SPE : Cabling information differs between SPs; may indicate disconnected cabinets. Bus 0 Enclosure 4 : Missing Fault reported by SP A : Missing Bus 0 Enclosure 4 : LCC Channel is faulted - the conduit for LCC to LCC com

At this point Navisphere reported all disks in enclosures 5, 6, and 7 as Removed. However the access to the LUNs was not lost by the hosts.

After we ensured that the data on all LUNs is backed up we tried to reseat first the Expansion cable in LCC-A in DAE-4 connecting DAE-5. This as well as reseating the primary cable to LCC-A in DAE-4 from DAE-3 did not help.

Next we reseated the LCC-A in DAE-4. At this point the faults were cleared and the disks were visible again in Navisphere.

When DAE-5 was reported as back up in the Event Log, another message appeared in the Event Log: Port glitch detected on DAE-5. It looks like this port glitch was what caused the problem however the message could not be delivered because of this port glitch. This is not exactly helpful.

We were lucky to get away unscathed, yet a message warning of a loss of link should probably have other means of delivery but the broken link itself.

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Re: Clariion lost all disks in enclosures above a faulted one


I think this might help ,please have a look