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DRP test with SRM and Clariion with MirrorView/Synchronous, what are the steps...

Hi all,

I'm planning a full live SRM DRP test in a couple of weeks for a customer.

The configuration is based on two sites, each with one CX4-240 and 6 ESX hosts in each site.

The productions site, let's say Site1-PROD, includes ESX001 to ESX006 hosts and are connected to the CX4-240 in the same site, let's say, CX4-240-PROD.

All the LUNs from this ESX environment are mirrored to Site 2 (DRP), where there is one CX4-240, let's say CX4-240-DRP, and ESX007 to ESX011.

SRM v.4.1 is installed in VC and one colleague successfully did a test on one LUN (through the Snapshot method).

Now, I wonder a couple of things :

1. In the DRP site (Site2), do I need to put all the LUNs in the Storage Groups of ESX007 to ESX011 in advance ? Or is this handled by SRM ?

2. What happens when a real DRP is done : what does SRM do ? I mean, the old Primary (Site1-PROD) becomes a new Secondary and the old Secondary (Site2-DRP) becomes a new Primary ? I really wonder what SRM does, promote, etc ?

3. When the Promote is done, what about the mirrors ? Are they deleted afterwards ? This is important because after the failover, I would like the configuration as before, i.e., protected by secondary mirrors. So, I wonder if SRM just does a Promote of all the mirroirs, simply. After the Promote, then, I would find the secondaries intact, without having to recreate all the mirrors. Correct ?

Any input is welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: DRP test with SRM and Clariion with MirrorView/Synchronous, what are the steps...


you find the one of the video from EMC regarding the EMC CLARiiON MirrorView/S with VMware SRM.

below is the link for your reference.