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EMC AX405I without SPS

I have an EMC AX4-5I that I am using for a test environment that is running without the Standby Power Supply connected. I would like to add my ExpansionTier Enabler but am getting an error indicating there is a fault with the system. The fault is that the SPS is not being detected, but will not allow me to continue with the Enabler installation (using NaciSECCli.exe -h ndu -install "C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\ExpansionTier_Enabler-")

Enclosure 0 : Faulted

The installation cannot continue until these faults are resolved.

RULE NAME: Special Conditions
RULE STATUS: Rule has warning.
RULE DESCRIPTION: This rule is a warning to check for special conditions before installing software on the storage system.
RULE RESULT: Please check for the following conditions:
   1. All attached servers are running failover software.
   2. All attached VMWare ESX servers running pre v2.1.0 software have I/O stopped.
   3. All attached AIX servers must meet the requirements described in EMC Knowledgebase Solution ID emc67186.

Does anyone know of a way to remove the SPS from the array or to bypass the No System Faults rule?

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Re: EMC AX405I without SPS

Try removing the SPS cables from the SP connections, then reboot the array - that should remove the fault. Of course with no SPS Write cache is disabled.


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Re: EMC AX405I without SPS

Hi knowslittleaboutemc,

I'm having problems with the installation of the file ExpansionTier_Enabler-, could you pass me your file to test?

Thank you

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