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EMC CLARiiON Perfomance data collection

Hi We are trying to collect performance on EMC Clariion array via SMIS proxy. with GetStatisticsCollection

and i am getting the below exception

( C:ERROR_CLASS_SOFTWARE F:ERROR_FAMILY_OPERATION_NOT_AVAILABLE Statistics Service is not enabled for array <Array type="CLARiiON" encoding="String" value="xxxxxxxxx" />)

Windows Task manager in smis proxy   not showing "slpd" service

but when i run start slpd it says its already.

C:\Program Files\EMC\ECIM\Slp\lib>slpd.exe -start

OpenService failed - An instance of the service is already running. (0x420)

Is anything we need to do other than starting slpd service to see stats collection working.

CX3_40_F is the model of our array.

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Re: EMC CLARiiON Perfomance data collection

You've got your post in the wrong forum.  This is for Isilon - you'll want to move your post using the tools at the top of the banner, or ask a mod for assistance.

Also, I believe there are a few limits on some of the data you're able to collect on the CX3 array and older versions of FLARE.  For reference, what version of FLARE are you running?

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Re: EMC CLARiiON Perfomance data collection

Let me see if I can move this to the correct forum.

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