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How to access the CX-4PDAE-DE drives

I have purchased a CX-4PDAE-DE with drives, BE1 cable and a Brocade 200e SAN switch on eBay. After connecting all the components the 200e reports a flashing green light for the CX-4PDAE. I logged into the 200e and discovered the recognized the port as a 'loopback'. No drives are detected. The lights on the installed drives themselves show up as green and seem to be working. Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. I have included pictures.


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Re: How to access the CX-4PDAE-DE drives

You need to purchase an additional SPE (Storage Processor Enclosure) from eBay to make sure that this CLARiiON can work normally.

Once you get the SPE, you also need to make sure the first five disks in your DAE contain the correct FLARE image to boot the system. You can refer to the following threads for some information:



Anyway it's not easy to let it work normally.

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Re: How to access the CX-4PDAE-DE drives

Really? That is the only way to connect it to my SAN switch?

Previously, I connected them to a backplane (different drives) / T-card and the Switch (200e)... that was all I needed. For some reason I thought this was more convenient, I guess not. I may go back to the backplane option. Thanks anyway.

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