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How to change a Storage System Name ?

Currently, the name for the Storage System is CX4_120 and we would like to change it to the Service Tag for easy reference.

We have tried to enter the new name in Navisphere Manager but it seems that we are not able to proceed (We can exit from properties by choosing CANCEL).

We have restart the management server as well.

You advice is sought.


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Re: How to change a Storage System Name ?

Tony, i have just tried this on my lab cx4 and it worked without an issue.

Rt click on the array and select properties.

In the name field,  (which is not grayed out) change the name and click either OK or apply.

Only thing i can think of is to make sure your are logged in as someone who has administrator privileges....

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Re: How to change a Storage System Name ?

Dear Jim,

You are right.  The reason for my problem is when the pop up Java warning message "Blocking ......", I choose "YES" instead of "NO".

Thanks again


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