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Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

I know a Power Down guide came with the SAN but I cannot find it and need to create a emergency power down playbook for the SAN. Any EMC guides or user created Power Down guides?


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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

Brennan, if you go to power link and navigate to -

Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Hardware/Platforms Documentation > CLARiiON CX4 Series Systems > CLARiiON CX4-240 > General Reference

Select CX4-240 Storage Systems Hardware and Operational Overview

this will allow you to create a customized document which will have power up / down procedures.


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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

The link that Jim_A gave is a good starting point for getting a actually document for most customer proceedure's.  

Being a retired Marine, i am used to associating proceedures with acronyms.  I dont know where i got this one from but it has worked great and helps me remember.



H=     Power down all hosts attached to the array to stop I/O   Wait 5 minutes

A=     Power down the array.   Start with the  switches on the SPS.  This will powerdown the Storage Processers and write any data that is in cache to the vault drives.   Once that powers down (around 1 minute), you can unplug the rest of your attached DAE's

T=     Tape Library.   If you have a SAN attached TL, then power it off.  If not, skip this step

S=     Switches.  power them off.

To power it back up,  just follow the steps in reverse order.   Give yourself about 2-3 minutes for S & T.  When you get to the Array step, plug in all the DAE's not powered by the SPS to get them spinning.   THen hit the SPS switches.  Remember that it will take on average about 7-8 minutes for the array to come online and ready to provide host.  You can tell it is ready when the LED's on each SP have stopped flashing.   Then power on your hosts.

Depending on how many hosts you have, your looking at about 5+ minutes + host shutdown time to power down.   About 15+ minutes to power back up.

HATS     remember it:)


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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

^ Nice one Kenn.

There are only two things I would add. One, is that for the power up sequence I wait until I can login to the switch before going to the next step, some switches like the Cisco directors take a long time to be fully functional. Two, for the DAEs I wait untill all the disks are online (green solid light) and that there are no failures before powering up the SPS/SPE/DAE-OS.

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

Those are both good idea's  I normally work with the departmental switchs that dont take as long as the director class switches to come online.

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

It is usually right when I start stressing out that my Cisco directors are fully booted up.

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

I would always manually disable write cache and allow it to get pushed down to the disk.

then power down.

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

Hi Brennan,

Please check this also.

·  Safely power down a CLARiiON CX4/CX3/CX series storage system.

The only power switches that should be used to shutdown a CLARiiON storage system (SPE/OS-boot chassis or DPE) are the power switches on the standby power supplies (SPS).

WARNING:  Failure to follow this procedure can result in the loss of data and extended times of data unavailability while the storage system is returned to normal functionality.

NOTE:  The term “SPE” in this document, generically refers to the chassis that holds the storage processors for several types of storage systems:

  • CX4-960/CX3-80 - SPE2
  • CX4-480, CX4-240, CX4-120 – SPE3
  • CX3-40 series - SPE3
  • CX3-20 series - SPE3
  • CX700 - SPE
  • CX600 - SPE

Perform the applicable procedure:

CX4 series, CX3-80, CX3-40 series, CX3-20 series, CX3-10c, CX700, and CX600 storage systems:

NOTE:  The CX700, CX600, CX3-80, CX3-40 series, and CX3-20 series SPE chassis and OS-boot chassis are plugged into the SPS units.  From the rear of the cabinet, the left power supply of each chassis (SPE and OS-Boot) is plugged into the left SPS and the right power supplies are plugged into the right SPS.

NOTE:  A CX4-120 or CX3-10c may have only one SPS where the A-side power supply (right rear) is plugged into the SPS and the B-side power supply is connected directly to the AC source.

NOTE: CLARiiON redesigned the power supplies of the SPE chassis for older models such as the CX600/CX700 and the DAE chassis attached to all storage system types.  This redesign included the removal of the “rocker” style” power switches.  Whether the power supply has switches or not, the power switches of the power supplies on the SPE & OS-Boot chassis or DPE chassis should never be used to remove power from them.  Use SPS switches only.  This ensures that unwritten data in the SP will not be lost, but will be safely stored on the storage system vault drives.

  1. Stop all I/O to the storage system.

  2. Wait approximately 5 minutes to allow the write cache to finish its writes to the storage system.  Writes may not be completed; however, following this procedure will ensure data integrity.

  3. Turn off the SPS power switch on each SPS. 

    WARNING:  Never turn off the power directly to the SPE chassis or the OS-Boot chassis by using any switches on the power supplies.  Never unplug any of the AC cables going to the SPE or OS-Boot chassis to disconnect power.

  4. As soon as the second SPS is turned off, any data in the SP (cached data) will be saved to the vault drives.

  5. When the saving of the cached data from the SP is completed (up to 90 seconds), the SPS units will power off by themselves, thus removing power to the SPE chassis and the OS-Boot chassis.

  6. Once this is complete and the SPS units have turned both themselves and the power supplies connected to them off, any other chassis can be turned off by using the power supply switches or removing cables from their AC source.

  7.   If the storage system is a CX4-120 or CX3-10c with one SPS, power off SPS_A that is connected to the SP and DAE and then disconnect the SP that’s connected directly to the AC source.  You may also need to unplug DAE_0 that is directly connected to the power source if necessary.

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

i have use this procedure, is it valid?

1. stop i/o hosts

2. power off fiber channel switch

3. because there is no transaction i/o, i poweroff aditional DAE, not DAE OS.

4. turn off sps switchs, and system goes down, cpu and OS DAE.

to turn on follow 4 to 1 steps. doing step 4 and 3 at the same time. then wait 10 minutes and continue with 2 and 1

is it wrong or valid.?

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Re: Looking for Power Down Instructions for CX4-240

Hi maynor,

It is preferrable to turn of the SPS switches before shutting down the non-OS DAEs as otherwise the array will suddenly lose communication with all the DAEs (i.e. swap steps 3 and 4)

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