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Maximun Lun capacity


What is the maximun lun capacity I can create? can I create a 60TB lun?

How many Raid Group can I be able to create?

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Re: Maximun Lun capacity

You have to consider how much a host can support?
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Re: Maximun Lun capacity

Very large capacity LUNs in the 60TB range are created using MetaLUNs.  The maximum MetaLUN size supported by the CLARiiON is 16 exabytes. However, as previously mentioned, a 64-bit host O/S is required for large capacity LUNs.

The performance and availabity aspects of MetaLUNs are described in detail in the EMC CLARiiON Best Practices for Performance and Availability, FLARE Revision 29.  A higher-level description is found in the EMC CLARiiON Storage System Fundamentals for Performance and Availability.  In addition, a very detailed description of MetaLUNs can be found in the EMC CLARiiON MetaLUNs: Concepts, Operations, and Management whitepaper.  All these documents are available on PowerLink.