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Performance Metrics Threshold


I've been trying to ask my SE on this info, but couldn't get the full information that i'm expecting. So here it is...

in viewing data on the navi analyzer what counters do you normally look at and what thresholds should you be looking out for? Better yet, can anyone point me to a doc that has all the counters with specific thresholds?

thanks again!
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Re: Performance Metrics Threshold

Have you reviewed the EMC Navisphere Analyzer Administrator's Guide? available on Powerlink with the link below? Note you may have to review the Analyzer Software Updates for the most current information, as Analyzer changes from revision to revision.

In addition, there is a higher-level discussion of Performance and Availably metrics, such as LUN utilization and SP Utilization in the EMC CLARiiON Storage System Fundamentals for Performance and Availability document, likewise available on Powerlink.

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Re: Performance Metrics Threshold

Another good source of information is the On_Line Help - these is a specific section just on using Analyzer and troubleshooting suggestions - very good information with clear explanations on what the different metrics are used for.

The last Analyzer Admin Guide is for Release 19 - it is still a good reference manual.

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