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PowerPath custom configuration dilema

I have a question about my PowerPath configuration.

I have Solaris 10 Sun T5240 system, three dual port FC-HBAs, running several LDOMs. Two of them are a two node Oracle RAC cluster.

I need to set up shared lun for these guys and this is where things get interesting.

I've carved out a LUN, set up zoning on fc switches for four ports on the HBAs for redundancy.

This is where things get interesting. All four ports on the HBAs have access to the same lun, as a result PowerPath creates one psudo device with sixteen paths (redundant FC switches, both pointing at SPA and SPB). I need PowerPath to create two pseudo devices (8 paths each), so I can assign each pseudo device to each node of the RAC LDOMs.

Is that possible?


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Re: PowerPath custom configuration dilema

PowerPath claims all "native" paths and creates on emcpower device for each LUN presented to it. If you need more device you just present more LUNs ..or did i misunderstand you ?

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Re: PowerPath custom configuration dilema

You're having a problem with your failover software (or lack of failover software) and the failover mode on the array. Please see Support Solution emc99467 for the correct settings for all operating system.

For example, if you have one LUN in a Storage Group with one host (with no failover software) and that host has two HBA's and four paths (2 paths to SPA and 2 paths to SPB) and you have the failover mode on the array set to 1 (active/passive), then on the host you will see a LUN on each path. As mentioned by dynamox, if you install PowerPath, that will hide all the paths and present just one "LUN" to the host.


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