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RAID Group 6 LUN move - is it possible

We have a RAID 6 group on our secondary CX4-120 which we are aware we cannot defrag.

The problem we have is we have a 1000GB LUN but the LUN we are trying to replicate is 1024GB. We don't really want to have recreate the primary partition again as it contains data.

The RAID Group is currently full except for 400GB available at the end of the RAID Group. The reason 1000GB was created, was that was the largest available gap in the middle of the RAID Group. Is it feasible to move the 250GB LUN that sits right next to it, increase the 1000GB to 1024GB then move the LUN back into the RAID group so that it takes up position at the end of the RAID group (i.e. the available 400GB)

The only way I can think of doing this is migrating the LUN to another RAID group. Is there any other way this could be achieved?
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Re: RAID Group 6 LUN move - is it possible

You would have to use LUN Migration to move the RAID 6 LUNs off the RAID group's disks and then back in the desired order.

Another option is use a concatenated MetaLUN to build a LUN out of the contiguous free space on the bottom of the RAID group. This is 'less than ideal' performance-wise, but very easy to accomplish.
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