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Replication product help


What EMC product is the one of choice for long-distance replication? I've got a two site setup and I need to introduce a third which is approx 300kms away.

I'm looking to replicate in slow time across to the third site with a view of eventually migrating service there. We're currently using Clariion arrays at both sites with RecoverPoint replicating between. Will RecoverPoint do the job or do I need another product to either replace or compliment it? How is EMC replication licensed/costed?

I'm new to EMC as of today so please be gentle with me.


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Re: Replication product help

Welcome to ECN, TyO.

When talking that sort of distances FCIP comes to mind, since mirrorview using native fibre channel over dark fiber probably won't even reach the other side.

If your array has iSCSI ports, you can also use mirrorview using tcp/ip over an existing network.

When FCIP is used fancy features like compression and trunking are possible, depending on the licenses your switches have.

So you're talking 3 sites? You'd like to replicatie from A to C over site B, where B lies between A and C? And which site would eventually be moved to B? A or C?

What are the distances? How much data will need to be replicated per second, hour or day? Synchronous replication might even be possible if the latency is ok, but you mentioned that the lines are slow? How slow? What's the latency on the lines?

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