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Unable configure new FSP on Calriion using NST


We have a Celerra NS120 with Calriion CX4 at the back end, We installed new SFPs on SPs I/O modules, Theses SPs appear as uninitialized from The Navisphere manager. then we used NST to configure them. each time I click on install I/O Modules and/or SFP NST try to update the Calriion OS instead, and the Wizard didn't complete due to High availability condition regarding the Celerra Network server.

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Re: Unable configure new FSP on Calriion using NST

You can override the HA statement in this scenario since the HBA ports on NS120 data movers are directly connected to the CX4-120 backend.  The NST sees only one physical connection to the CX4 for the HBA and flags it as a warning.  Each data mover has 2 physical connections to SPA and SPB so one path will be active on each data mover when the the SPs reboot one at a time.

NST should be used from the beginning when installing these I/O modules and SFPs.  The new hardware should only be installed when prompted by NST.  For this model NS120, I/O modules should be installed in SPA2 and SPA2 slots.