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Unable to password reset EMC Clarion CX4-480

Good afternoon,

I had been assigned to gracefully shut down our CX4-480 SAN; however, in order for me to accomplish this I'd have to password reset it to get in, and be able to assess what we have on it and then shut it down.

I have, before this post, attempted to do the reset by press/release of the reset button from the back of either storage processor, but no luck there. All that did was temporarily off-line the SP with no changes.

My understanding is that there is a means to gain access by serial cable, but if I was looking at the port correctly (wrench icon), that specific cable is AWOL.

I have provided the links below in order to show what I have found to this point, but had not helped any.

CX4-480 Default Login: https://community.emc.com/thread/195809?tstart=0


If anybody in the audience has any good suggestions or steps I may well have missed, I'm certainly receptive to them.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Unable to password reset EMC Clarion CX4-480

What happened when you followed the directions in KB https://support.emc.com/kb/334434 ? Did it not work?


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Re: Unable to password reset EMC Clarion CX4-480

Good afternoon,

Thank you for that link, but unfortunately it doesn’t pull up for me (something about not being authorized to view content). Because of this, I would be unable to verify your last question.

I was also provided by our corp IT department with a set of instructions that addressed the password reset. It involved pushing in the reset (two arrows point towards each other). Unfortunately, aside from temporarily taking the device offline, this process also failed.

See: https://goingvirtual.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/iscsi_-modules1.jpg

Thank you!

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Re: Re: Unable to password reset EMC Clarion CX4-480

The button you pushed is called the "NMI Reset" button - this resets the SP - it caused a panic mode to produce a dump for anaalysis. It does not reset the password.

CX4-480 Management Module.PNG.png

The link was to an article that explains how to reset the password using the Service Port COM1 connection. This is the body of the article:

Follow these steps to recover the password on the CLARiiON and VNX array. You'll need to connect a PC to the Service Port COM1 on the SP - there is one port on each SP Management Module. Use a null modem cable.

For a video demonstration, refer the attachments section.

You need to create a PPP connection. The following steps are for Windows 7:
  1. Create the COM port modem.

    a. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem.
    b. Click Modem Tab and click add.
    c. On the Install new Modem Pane, select the "Don't detect my modem" box, then click Next.

    There will be a pause while the models load.

    d. Select Communications cable between two computers, and then click Next.
    e. Select your COM port, click Next, and you are done.
  2. Set up the PPP connection.

    a. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and sharing center, click Set up a new connection or network (at the bottom).
    b. On the next screen, select set up a dial-up connection and click Next.
    c. The next screen should list modems and select the Communications cable between two computers you created above.
    d. On the next screen type some numeric value for phone number, type the username and password (clariion and clariion!) and give it a name. The above connection should now appear in Network Connections, right-click it and select Properties.

    If "clariion/clariion!" is not accepted as Username and Password, try "Administrator/clariion!" as Username and password. On some storage processors, "clariion1992/clariion1992" works.
  3. Once the connection is set up, modify the settings as follows:

    a. In the General tab, click configure and set Max speed to 115200 and select enable hardware flow control and Enable modem error control.
    b. In the Options tab, click PPP settings and check top two boxes are selected (LCP extensions and SW compression).
    c. In the Security tab, check Data Encryption is Optional Encryption (connect even if no encryption)" is set.
    d. In the Networking tab, check Internet Protocol Version 4 is selected.
    e. In the Networking tab, choose Internet Protocol Properties, then the Advanced button. Uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network."

    Your connection can then be accessed from Network Connections.
  4. Once the PPP connection is established:

    a. Point your browser to this URL:
    b. Click "Create a New Account."
    c. Enter a New User name and in the New Password Verification text box, type in the password again.
    d. Point your browser to this URL: http:// <IP_address_ of _SP>
    e. Log in to domain using the new username and password.
    f. From Unisphere dashboard, Go to Domain > Manage Global Users
    g. Select the user for which password needs to reset.
    h. Click  Modify and Click OK.
    i. Log out and log in to Unisphere with User whose password was changed.

    Note: You also have the option of completely resetting domain security. However, if you select this option, you will destroy ALL domain information, including domain information for the master, other arrays, and portals.

    j. Click "Reset Security" and confirm. (You must reset security on both storage processors [SPs].)