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Unowned LUNs

Hi, let me expose my problem:

last week, one of my disks is FAULTED 1_0_8 (it is in RAID 1 with 1_0_9), i pull it out, and cleaning his slot/port. at this time (i dont know what was happening) 5 other disks near it are with AMBER LED including the disk 1_0_9 too, i have pulled out/insert the disks near my FAULTED disk and the rebuild is launched automatically, except may RAID 1 (1_0_8 + 1_0_9) wich dont want to rebuild. the other think i detect is this LUN wich belong to SPA is now under Unowned LUNs. i placed a new disk in the slot 1_0_8...it can't be rebuild...it can't be unbind...

the weired think is that the CX500 is in the situation NO FAULTS !!!!

any idea to rebuild it ?.....


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Re: Unowned LUNs

When you start Navisphere you can use the IP address for SPA or SPB. Normally most people use SPA, try starting Navisphere using SPB IP address and see if you see any faults on the disks. Also, is the new disk you used to replace the failed disk, is it the same part number as the old disk/ Newer disk may require that the Flare code get at a certain Flare level to be recognized. See the following for matching the disk part number to the Flare version:


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