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Zone Luns Correctly

I have a CX4-120 runnibg VDI and standard virtual servers (on seperate clusters)

Can any one advise how to determine either in navisphere or on vmware vi client to determine that the Zoning of LUNs properly configured to the appropriate device. I am trying to ensure that for all ESX hosts in a DRS cluster/vMotion scope I can verify that the appropriate initiators and targets are zoned correctly according to EMC/VMWare  best practice

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Re: Zone Luns Correctly

it depends how you have your hosts zonned to the array, IE



if you have something like this, then when you look in Connectivity Status you should see 4 logged-in and registered initiators. Now you login to vSphere Client, go to Configuration, Storage, Devices. Select a device and click Manage Paths. The number of paths you see should correspond with number of paths you saw in Connectivity Status on Clariion.

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