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can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

Hi, we have clariion dial home configured to report hardware faults. Is it possible to use SCOM to pick up clariion cx310c alerts? What are my options for day to day alerts on the clariion?

thanks, mark

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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

One of the options on the Navisphere monitoring templates is for configuring SNMP. You could configure it to sent SNMP alerts to your SCOM server, not sure what configurations would need to be made in SCOM to process those correctly.
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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

If you are licensed for Navisphere then the SCOM pack for CLARiiON is available on Powerlink at:

Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads J-O > Navisphere Server Based Software

Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads C > CLARiiON AX4-5

Introduction to CLARiiON Management Pack for  SCOM

CLARiiON's initial integration with SCOM is through a Windows host that is  setup as a CLARiiON monitoring server.  This monitoring server retrieves  CLARiiON Events, which is established through the creation of a Navisphere  template, into the Monitoring servers Windows Application Event Log.  Once an  associated event is presented to the monitoring servers Application Event Log  the CLARiiON SCOM pack will determine if the event should be raised as an alert  into SCOM.  For this initial release of the CLARiiON SCOM pack there are a  selected number of CLARiiON Events that will raise a SCOM alert.  These 89 CLARiiON Events are a subset of the total CLARiiON Navisphere Alerts that are available.  They have been selected because they are the most commonly seen alerts and also provide actionable details that are associated with the alert.

These 89 alerts are as follows: (NOTE: These CLARiiON Event Numbers are  subject to change with each version of the CLARiiON Management Pack)


Setting CLARiiON Monitoring for use with SCOM

  1. Navisphere  Agent Installed on CXMonitoringServer
    • Proper credentials need to be  setup during install
  2. CXMonitoringServer needs registration with the CLARiiON Array
    • CXMonitoringServer needs to have proper credentials on the SP Agent tab in order to be used as monitoring station.
  3. On the CLARiiON array, a template  needs to be created linking which events will be logged into the Windows Application Log as shown below in figure 1. The below picture shows this SCOM_Template properties as well as which storage system this template is in use for and which Windows System the template is logging to the Application Event Log.
    • NOTE: In this example I've selected only the CLARiiON Alert events because they contain all of the listed event numbers above as well as few practice will be to select only the events that will cause a SCOM  alert to be raised, thus only select the 89 events listed above.
  4. Once the template is in  place the array will beginning logging events within the Windows Event Viewer  Application Event Log as shown below in figure 2. The events circled below are  examples of what the events look like when they are generated on the Windows  Application Event log.

Figure 1: Template Creation


Figure 2: Events from CLARiiON placed within Application Event Log

SCOM Event.bmp

Installing SCOM Agent on a CXMonitoringStation

There  are a few different ways manage the CXMonitoringStation from SCOM:

  • (Default) From the SCOM Server you can push the SCOM Agent on the hosts you wish to  monitor.
  • Install  the Agent directly on the host you are going to monitor via a CD or network  share.
  • Or you can elect not to install an agent on the server being monitored (known as Agentless Managed)

Microsoft  recommends using the default method which will push the SCOM Agent onto the host  that will be monitored from the SCOM server.  If for some reason ports are  blocked that are needed to push the SCOM Agent onto the monitoring server then  you'll have to install the SCOM Agent onto the monitoring server via CD or  network share.  In the steps below I'll show you how to install the SCOM Agent  by pushing the Agent from the SCOM server onto the monitoring server.

  1. From the SCOM Server select Administration and Agent  Managed
  2. Right click on the Agent Managed and select Discovery Wizard
  3. Select  Advanced Discovery and in the drop down under Computer & Device  type select Servers & Clients click next
  4. Select Browse for or Type-in Computer name and add the CXMonitoringStations Computer  name click next
  5. Select the Computer you want to management and select the Management Mode (in this case  Agent Managed) and select next.  Shown below in Figure 3
  6. Change or leave the Agent installation directory and select your preferred  account settings (default is recommended) and then click finish
  7. This  will begin the installation of the SCOM Agent onto the CXMonitoringStation.

Figure 3: Installing SCOM Agent from SCOM Server

Agent Installation2.bmp

Importing CLARiiON Management Pack on SCOM Server

SCOM  Server has several default management packs that comes with the installation of  the SCOM server itself.  The reason for this is so other third party management  packs can leverage the work that exists within the default management packs in  order to prevent duplicate work.  The file is the name of the  management pack that needs to be imported into SCOM server in order to for SCOM  Administrators to begin reaping the benefits of CLARiiON Alerts within SCOM.

To  import the CLARiiON Management Pack

  1. Select  Administration and then right click on Management Packs and select  Import Management Pack
    • Shown  below in figure 4
  2. Browse  for the path of the file and import the management  pack.

Figure  4: Importing CLARiiON SCOM Pack

Import Management Pack.bmp

If  you are upgrading from and earlier version of the management pack you can just  re-import the new management pack and it will override the old management pack  without issues.  Once the management pack is imported you can begin testing the  SCOM pack to ensure it is working properly.

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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

Nice, I'll have to get my SCOM guy on that
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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

thanks for this information!


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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

Has anyone gotten this to work?
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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

I have installed the latest management pack marked as vnx scom management pack released late april. However, it does not login to the CX300 or CX320 system i have. the error is 499 user authentication failed, check user/password/scope.

I have made sure the user/password are correct on the config manager.

I could not set the scope as it is not mentioned anywhere on the gui of the MP config manager or the xml document for the service.

I appreciate you help on this

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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?

I'm getting the same error here.  I've even tried specifying user@sanname to see if that might help, but no go.  I'd sure like to be able to get this up and running here

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Re: can SCOM be used to pick up clariion alerts?


SCOM 2012 support is now available with ESI v2.1 for Windows Suite. See details here.

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