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change HDD disks Celerra NS-120 (CX4-120)


I have a disk array with the 15 HDD 300Gb 15K 2/4Gb. All HDD are the same model.

the first n°5 HDD (from disk-00 to disk-04) are related to the Array Software.

I want/need repalce n°10 HDD (from disk-05 to disk-14) in order to increase the total capacity, fomr 300Gb to 600Gb.

I CAN'T loss cunrrent data in the NAS

is possible to changhe the HDDs without data loss ?

is aviailable a procedure for ?

thanks in advance !

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Re: change HDD disks Celerra NS-120 (CX4-120)

any comments ?!?!

thanks in advance, alessio

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Re: change HDD disks Celerra NS-120 (CX4-120)

The short answer is no - if the drives are in use that means they have been configured into raid groups. You can replace a 300GB disk with a 600GB disk, but the raid group will still see new the disk as 300GB.


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Re: change HDD disks Celerra NS-120 (CX4-120)

With the valid backup it is possible. If you are referring to if that is possible ONLINE then as Glen mentioned it's not possible. If yoi are willing to go for Offline method here are the steps :

- Take a full valid backup of all yhe the user data.

- Unmap the LUNs from the Hosts

- Delete the LUNs then RGs.

- Replace the disks with 600GBs

- Rescan and verify the new capacity.

- If all is well then create New RG and LUNs then present it to the respective hosts.

- Finally, restore the backup.

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