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how do i remove deregistered hosts still showing up under 'Hosts' tab?

AX4-5F, FLARE 707.  No server Agents used so all hosts are added manually to the Storage Groups.

I added some clustered hosts to a Storage Group and got their IPs wrong, so I de-registered them and also destroyed the Storage Group.

However, they still show up in Navisphere under the 'Hosts' tab and what's even stranger is they are not consistent; e.g. host1 shows up 6 times, host2 4 time and host3 2 times. Zoning is such that each hosts has a path to SPA0,SPA1 and SPB0 SPB1, so in theory I should see 4 paths from each host, indeed that is exactly what i saw when i added them the first time.

The strange stuff started to happen after de-registering them.

The hosts are still connected to the AX4 but now under 'Connectivity Status' they do not all show up.

Is there a way of getting out of this mess I got myself into and starting again ? without rebooting the AX4 because other hosts are connected and working on it.

Does anyone think that a reboot of the 3 hosts would do it?


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Re: how do i remove deregistered hosts still showing up under 'Hosts' tab?

Andy...from your description i assume you have the full navisphere on your AX4 and not Naviexpress...

However the suggestion below is true for both navi and naviexpress..

First thing you can try is to restart the management servers on each SP.

In you browser go to http://<ip>/setup

log in and scroll down and hit the "restart management server" button.

Do this on both SP's.

you need to wait a couple of minutes to reconnect.

Hope this helps.