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same EMC, differents servers with same IP


Question from an EMC dummy.

Our customer has a monitoring system connected to EMC CX700.
The system will be replaced by new hardware with new OS. For functionnality reason and dependencies with other element, he has to keep Ip adresses of the old server and assign it to the new server.
This new server will be connected to the same EMC CX700 and during switchover period will work in parallel with the old one.

How can we registered the new server to the same EMC knowing that we have to keep the same adress IP.
Is there a way to assign "fake" IP adress in the EMC to register the new server ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,

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Re: same EMC, differents servers with same IP

i am assuming you are talking about navi agent registration ? You can manually register the new server with a "dummy" ip address, after migration has occurred and old system is offline, you can install navi agent on the new server and it will update its records in Navisphere. Even if it does not, you can always rename it manually in Navisphere, online.
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Re: same EMC, differents servers with same IP

Not real sure if this will work - the array will detect duplicate IP addresses and will give you an error but I don't believe that it will prevent you from logging on with the HBA's.

You could try not installing Navisphere Agent on the new host and manually register the new host, then after you remove the old host, remove the old host from the Storage Group, then deregister the old host in Connectivity Status, then install Agent on the new host at some point add to the Storage Group.

I assume that the new host will use the same Storage Group and LUNs. You might run into issues there - the LUNs may have identifying information about the old host somewhere on the LUN and the new host might not be able to mount the LUNs.

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