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steps to replacement sps in cx3-40f


      I can't register my product,so can't use solvedesktop。This cx3-40f SPS B fault。

      anybody help me ?i need step-by-step procedure to replacement sps  pdf。

SPE3 Enclosure SPE       *FAULT*                   

  (Enclosure SPE : Faulted; Enclosure SPE SPS B : Faulted)  

Enclosure Drive Type: Fibre Channel                    
Current Speed: N/A                                     
Maximum Speed: N/A                                     
SP A State:             Present                    
SP B State:             Present                    
Enclosure SPE Power A0 State: Present                  
Enclosure SPE Power A1 State: Present                  
Enclosure SPE Power B0 State: Present                  
Enclosure SPE Power B1 State: Present                  
Enclosure SPE SPS A State:  Present                    
Enclosure SPE SPS B State:  Faulted                    
Enclosure SPE SPS A Cabling State: Valid               

Enclosure SPE SPS B Cabling State: Cabling Status is unknown

Enclosure SPE CPU Module A State: Present              
Enclosure SPE CPU Module B State: Present              
Enclosure SPE DIMM Module A State: Present             
Enclosure SPE DIMM Module B State: Present             
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