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ABE on Celerra

Hi there.

Now, I'm configuring ABE on Celerra.

I successfully run emcabe command and the feature enabled on each CIFS shared folder.

However, the folders that are not allowed to accesss appear on My Network.

Does anyone experience this kind of situation?

Is there any step that I need to achieve to configure EMCABE except for running the command?

I run " emacbe.exe /e /t server01 /s cifs_share". And its result says "ABE is now enabled on share cifs_share."

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Re: ABE on Celerra

not sure what you mean by "My Network".  Let's say you have this layout on your file system:





you have shared departments and now you enabled ABE on that share. If i belong go active directory group IT , when i map a drive to \\cifsserver\departments ..the only folder that i should see is "it" (assuming my AD account has permissions to only that folder).  If you did not have ABE enabled on share "departments", i would map the drive and i would see all 3 directories. I would probably get "access denied" if i would try to access marketing or hr but ABE enabled i should not even see them.

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