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AS 400 bit

Can anyone please tell how to set the AS 400 bit to the gate keeper device.
Any documents on how to set this bit.
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Re: AS 400 bit


What for this gatekeeper device will be used? If this is an existing Celerra, no need to add more GK device.

If it is a new install - EMC team should do the installation. So, please get in touch with your local EMC Team.

However, you may refer to the following thread which may provide some more details you may be interested.

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Re: AS 400 bit

The AS 400 bit must be set in the bin file. It can not be set using SYMCLI or ECC. You will need EMC to set it via a bin file change as far as I know.

Is this a new Celerra? If so EMC² should be involved in the installation of it. If this is an existing Celerra, you will want to make sure that EMC will support booting from CX and accessing storage on DMX. We were told that this is not a support config.