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CIFS - NFS file sharing

Hi Guys,

Currently running into some issues with a CIFS-NFS mixed environment, and was wondering if anyone can share some wisdom on how to do it.

What we are trying to do:

  • Use CIFS and NFS together for one filesystem
  • From CIFS, many different users will write to the NAS
  • From NFS, only 1 user will write to the NAS


What we have done is: 

  • EMC NAS (NS-G8) on 6.0 code.
  • Filesystem mounted in “NATIVE” mode
  • Filesystem is shared in CIFS, with umask 002, so
    in the Celerra new files will have rw-rw----  Unix permissions, to allow
    files to be written by group
  • On the root of the filesystem, we have setgid
    set against the group for the users, so the permissions will be propagated.

Does this sound right?


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