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Celerra Simulator to download

Hey Everyone,

I am very new to EMC Celerra. I heard that EMC provides a Celerra Simulator to sit and practice by creating CIFS,NFS shares, if that's correct. Can anyone tell me from where I can download Celerra Simulator.

Or if any good documentation is there, that can help me getting started with Celerra that would be really good help for me

Thank You


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Re: Celerra Simulator to download

you can find the Celerra simulator by browse through this path

Home > Support > Product  and Diagnostic Tools > Celerra  Tools > Celerra Simulator

you can find the documentation CD and also the documents for configuring and managing Celerra from this path :

Home > Support > Technical  Documentation and Advisories > Hardware/Platforms  Documentation > Celerra  Network Server > General Reference

Sameer Kulkarni

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Re: Celerra Simulator to download

also make you you download the manual for the Simulator

and take a look at virtualgeek.typepad.com


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Re: Celerra Simulator to download

It appears that you asked the way of downloading Celerra Simulator. The question seems to have been answered. Is the answer helpful?

If so, please mark the question as "Answered". Your response is appreciated.


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