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Celerra Storage Pool rescan error.


I read somewhere on this forum that nothing should be changed on CX side for a LUNs that is currently in use by Celerra.

Problem is RAID Group of the in-use LUN has been expanded by adding more disks. These disks that were added even though exact same model they belong to enclosures with different speeds. Now I see the RG has 6-2 Gbps and 5-4 Gbps, which makes RG 11 disks. Should've been 10 max I guess.

Clerra Storage pool is stuck in an error and I cant move past this error.

Below is the error when I scan from CLI.


$ server_devconfig server_2 -c -s -a.  


server_2 :

Error 5008: server_2 :

13421848554: Storage pool clar_r5_performance (CLSTD) contains members with inconsistent disk types:

All disks are dense CLSTD (existing ones cant see the new ones)

-Looks like I can't remove the disks from RG on CX?

-Can't move the FS around. only 4 GB left in the Celerra Storage pool.LUN is about 500GB

Ultimately I looking to add more LUNs to the NAS. Can I do this by bypassing storage pool? may be by remove auto extend option and add a new volume..

Does anyone recommend any solution for this situation?

Here are some details of the equipment:

This is our failover setup in a secondary site.

Can't update to latest codes as this is all old equipment and will soon be decommissioned.


Celerra NS40G

Version - 6.0.70 -4


Clariion CX 3- 80

Flare Version: 

Navisphere Version: 6.26.32 (0.72) 

Just entered what I could come up with at once. Please let me know if any info is needed.

Appreciate the responses.



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