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Data Mover Interconnect and Replication


1. We had replication version 1 between two NS20 devices. I have deleted the replication completely. Now the destination data is read only. How can I make it Read/Write? I do not want anymore replcaiton between the two, instead I would like to make the destination data RW.

2. In Replication Version 2, if I have more than 2 file systems to be configured for replication, what is the recommendation for Data Mover Interconnect? Should I define multiple "Data Mover Interconnect"?

3. I have 100mbps WAN bandwidth available between the source and remote site. One file system (300GB) configured for replication with default values. The current transfer rate is 724KBPS and the router bandwidth utlization is around 10Mbps. Can I force the replication to use more available bandwidth for quick completion of initial replication?

Appreciate your help.

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Re: Data Mover Interconnect and Replication

Hi Avilt,

1. Unmount the filesystem on the destination datamover, then mount it again using the r/w option.

2. For replicator V2, create interconnects for any source/target relationship for which you will want to configure a replication session for. I am not aware of a recommendation based on number of file systems per interconnect. The requirement, I believe, is that the interconnect be defined on both source & target. Defining multiple interconnects for the same source/target pair is not necessary, but if you have multiple interfaces on the same datamover, you could define additional interconnects and distribute your replication traffic. 

3. you can check your interconnect, but the default setting should be 'uses available bandwidth'. That would mean, there is no Celerra bandwidth limiting setting that would affect your throughput.  Your throughput limitations are most likely coming from somewhere else.  Take a look at stats & capacity of the datamover interface used for the replication interconnect.

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