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Excluding Directories in CAVA

When setting up the viruschecker.conf file for CAVA, you can exclude certain file extensions using wildcards such as *.zip.

Does anyone know if you can exclude directory names? Can I exclude specific directories? I assume if I put a specific directory name into the excl field, it will exclude any directories with that name. i.e.


Will this skip any directory named "windows"?

Is there anyway to exclude a specific directory? i.e.



I'm going to try it this weekend and see if it works, but if anyone can give me any guidance before then, it would be appreciated.
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Re: Excluding Directories in CAVA


unfortunately it's not possible. You can exclude file systems ( with a mount option ) or particular files but not directories.

Gustavo Barreto.
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Re: Excluding Directories in CAVA

You might be able to use the exclusion within the AV client on the CAVA servers themselves. McAfee has the ability to exclude a local path (such as C:\WINDOWS), but not a network path (\\CHECK\WINDOWS). Old versions of Trend would support excluding any path with a wildcard, but that version has long since gone away. Other AV clients might support this - check your installed AV package for that option.
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