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File system creation problem

Hi all,

Couple of questions :

1. Been trying to create file system on Virtual Datamover via the gui and get an error "data mover out of service"

    has anyone any idea about this error (call has been logged with EMC)

    Gui works fine when creating file system on physical DM

2. Tried the below and failed also.(is the below syntax ok and is it possible to create FS on VDM)

    nas_fs -name LU_Intranet_Content -create size=10G pool=symm_ata -option slice=y,mover=LU_vdm01

3. Is there are command to move a Fileshare to a new datamover at a later date.

Many Thanks and excuse my Newbe'isms



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Re: File system creation problem


Try this syntax :

nas_fs -name LU_Intranet_Content -create size=10G pool=symm_ata -option slice=y,mover=server_2 -mount_option mountmover=LU_vdm01,mountpoint=/LU_Intranet_Content

Gustavo Barreto.

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Re: File system creation problem


1. For "Data Mover out of service" error, is there any other symptom or impact you observed?

You have already opened a Service Request to EMC support, haven't you?

I believe they would perform health check and troubleshoot for you.

3. What requirement you have for share migration? for example, data, security, permissions, etc. You may need to perform several steps, instead of a single comand.

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