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I need real-time data using celerra XML API.

I get the treeQuotas usage data using celerra XML API.

I need real-time data but I think the data is refreshed  once a day.

How can I get the real-time data by using XML API?

In addition, is it correct that I can only control the starting time for "xml.api.quota.poll.offset" parameter?

I also wonder that the data will be refreshed if I execute this command which is /celerra/commoncache/bin/c3refresh.

Below is the XML API query for data inquiry.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RequestPacket xmlns="http://www.emc.com/schemas/celerra/xml_api">




                    <AspectSelection treeQuotaUsages="true" />





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Re: I need real-time data using celerra XML API.


this goes through the CCC cache - how often its refreshed depends on config which depends on your OE version.

Make sure you have the latest OE version - there were some things changed there a while ago.

I would suggest to work with customer service to see if it can be adjusted for your situation.

There is a config file for it but it should only be changed under the direction of service - so I wont post it here


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