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LUNS offline / several Disks cache-compromised


we have an older Celerra NS-120 out of service and the following problem.

After testing with some iSCSI connections i lost connection to the Targets. After checking the Event logs i figured out that several LUNs (all LUNs from Enclosure 1 and 2) from the CX4-120 were offline and write cache are disabled.

So i decided to bring them back with the "Bring Online" Button. After all LUNs bringing online again, the write cache was active again and the LUNs were "Ready".

Unfortunately after that i had Critical Alerts in the Celerra NS-120 system. The Log says many Disks are cache-compromised.


Severity : Critical
System : itllsn04
Domain : Local
Created : Sep 3, 2019 3:56:39 PM
Message : Disk d15 has been cache-compromised.
Full Description : The disk volume that is associated with a Logical Unit Number (LUN) that is not currently owned by a Storage Processor (SP). This typically indicates a cache-compromise situation where the LUN has been taken off-line so that corrective measures can be taken.
Recommended Action : To resolve the problem, perform the following:\n 1. Using the CLI, log in as nasadmin (or as a user with NAS administrative privileges).\n 2. To find out more information on the affected disk, run the "nas_disk -i " command to view the affected disk and storage system information including the RAID group type and storage profile.\n 3. For more information and assistance, search the Knowledgebase on Powerlink as follows:\n \t a. Log in to http://powerlink.emc.com and go to Support > Knowledgebase Search > Support Solutions Search.\n \t b. Use the message ID or text from the error message's brief description to search.
Event Code : 0x11608a0064

I can't find any solutions in the KB, anybody has an idea what to do?





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