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[Q&A] Celerra failover a control station

[Q&A] Celerra failover a control station

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The following Celerra Q&A was compiled from Japanese Forum.

Detailed Information


CS has failed over due to heart beat was dropped. Please advise on below points in regards to CS moves….

èIf Primary and Secondary CS both has lost heart beat together, Failed over to CS1? ( standby )

èWhat is the Max duration for connection loss till CS to be failed over?

èHow long will it take to replace CS?


Check KB Celerra: How to increase Control Station failover timeout value. (https://support.emc.com/kb/6675) and EMC97257 (this is bit old but still be used) for detailed information. Failing Over to CS1 will occur upon unable to ping CS.  Heart Beat duration is one second, and if connection between CS0 and CS1 has lost for 4 second, fail over will occur.   Replacement of CS takes about 6hours according to field team.


According to your answer, CS will failover upon connection loss (cannot ping), what about pulling IPMI cable?

Would this be same as connection lost? I have tried pulling cable out but failover did not happen! Would like to know what is the mechanism upon CS failover?


This is how it works …

1.       CS1 sends ping to CS0 via IPMI interface

2.       If above ping fails, CS1 sends ping to another IP add ( internal IP in Primary CS )

3.       Once ping test in step 2 also failed, then CS fails over.

See KB [Control Station (CS) does not failover when primary CS is offline.]Cause section for detailed info.

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