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Regarding File and Directory Statistics on File Systems

          I was looking forward to determining the throughput on individual directories and files on a filesystem in VNX. This filesystem is an extremely busy filesystem and currently part of migration. The migration is running extremely slow on this filesystem. Was referring the guide for Managing Statistics on VNX and found this command:

server_stats movername -i interval -m fs.filesystem.<filesystem_name> -c count

How useful is this command to determine the throughput on individual subdirectories and files and I have seen that you need to register the filesystem before gathering the statistics using the following steps:

1. Start the service (server_fileresolve movername -service -start)

2. Register filesystem (server_fileresolve movername -add /filesystem_mount_path)

If, however, the service is running, but the filesystem is not registered with it, one can resolve the

filename manually:

server_fileresolve movername -lookup -filesystem ufs_2 -inode 38.

After making this change would it have any impact on the filesystem when it gathers the statictics for individual files and directories. Kindly suggest me any alternate method as well.

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Re: Regarding File and Directory Statistics on File Systems

If it's a long file the better way is to migrate on faster drives' pool and then start again.

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Re: Regarding File and Directory Statistics on File Systems

There is no feasible way to get performance statistics on a per file or directory level

The Information is simply not gathered at that layer.

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