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Using NDMP to back up a Replicated filesystem

I currently use two NS-120's connected ove a WAN link as one of these units is in a remote office.  I use Celerra Replicator v2 on productions CIFS data for DR. I currently have tape loaders in both offices. The core office is NDMP, and the remote office backs up via CIFS.  I would like to back up all the data via my central loader via NDMP at the core office. Is it possible to back up the data from the remote site via the replicated copy of the remote office's data?  I tried this a good while back with no special configuration and it caused a Data Mover reboot.  I use Arcserve if that makes any difference.

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Re: Using NDMP to back up a Replicated filesystem

Hello Jason

You can take backup however you need to consult the Arcserve team for this as the backup is managed by the backup software. Please check with the Arcserve team and let us know if you need any information from our side.


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