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V2 Cascade replication


We have three Celerras running DART 5.6:

A) London

B) New York

C) New York

A is currently replicating very large file systems to B using V2. I'd like to get rid of B and use C instead. However, since B and C a local to each other, I would like to configure cascaded replication (A->B->C) and have B replicate its data to C over the LAN.

The question that I have, which does not seem to be covered by the documentation, will I be able to eventually get B out of the picture and have A talk to C directly? Will they be able to synchronize? Is there a procedure for that? Has anyone done it?

(I am familiar with the tape silvering option for seeding the data when dealing with slow links. Unfortunatelly, this is not a good solution for us)

Thank you!

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Re: V2 Cascade replication

I dont think thats currently possible

Each hop of the cascade is an independent replication session

You might want to contact EMC professional service - there could be a way to do this with using parts of the tape silvering procedure (without the actual tape) but it would have to be tested and most probably needs the I/O to Server A stopped for some time.

It would also be useful if you could open a Product Enhancement Request through Powerlink so that this functionality gets considered for future releases.


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