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data mover problem

I was manaully failovered the datamover, so one of the data mover name became "server_2.faulted.server_3" . But i mistakenly renamed "server_2.faulted.server_3" to server_3 .

Now my data movers looks like

[root@localhost ~]# nas_server -l
id      type  acl  slot groupID  state  name
1        4    0     2              2    server_3
2        1    0     3              0    server_2

I know i have done mistake. I am receving lot of error messages No. 17985568837 (server_3 out of service) and my simulator not working properly.

Now i am trying to restore to the original data mover configuration. But i am not able to.

[root@localhost ~]# server_name server_3 server_2.faulted.server_3
server_3 :
Error 2213: server_3 : server_2.faulted.server_3 : invalid name specified

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_2 -r mover             
server_2 :                                                       
server_2 : going standby                                        
server_3 : going active                                         
replace in progress ...failed                                   
failover activity complete                                      
Error 5001: server_2 :
replace_volume: failed to complete command

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_2 -create mover=server_3
server_2 :                                                       
Error 4009: server_2 : server_3 is in faulted state

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_2 -verify mover
server_2 :                                              
Error 4000: server_2 : unable to connect to host

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_3 -verify mover
server_3 :                                              
Error 4000: server_3 : unable to connect to host

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_2 -delete mover
server_2 :                                              
Error 4004: server_2 : standby is not available, is active

[root@localhost ~]# server_standby server_3 -delete mover
server_3 :                                               
Error 4003: server_3 : standby is not configured

Not understanding how can i solve this issue. Any help please ?

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Re: data mover problem

Tech Support can assist you with this.  It will require some system file modification and a reboot of the standby Data Mover, then you should be able to fail back.  Please open a Service Request.


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