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nas_server and nas_fs access to TreeQuotas table


I'm working on reporting scripts.

nas_fs -query examples found in this forum have been very helpful to me (-query usage in official doc is very poor).

According to nas_fs -query:TAGS and nas_server -query:TAGS, the TreeQuotas table is accessible thru either commands.

I want all quota tree information for ALL fs on ALL servers, so I can get exactly the same result with either command.

I have no preference except that nas_server takes 1/3 of the time nas_fs needs to do the same reporting (less back-and-forth with TreeQuotas table I guess)

Unfortunately I faced a problem:

When a FS is temporarly unmounted, nas_server is not able to report ANY tree quotas information.

All is fine when the temporay unmounted FS are mounted again.

nas_fs does not suffer from this problem.

Here are the (simplified) commands I use:

nas_fs -query:* -fields:TreeQuotas -format:'%q' -query:\* -fields:FileSystemID,FileSystem,Id,Path,BlockHardLimit -format:'%s:%s:%s:%s:%s\n'

nas_server -query:* -fields:TreeQuotas -format:'%q' -query:\* -fields:FileSystemID,FileSystem,Id,Path,BlockHardLimit -format:'%s:%s:%s:%s:%s\n'

Anyone facing the same ?

Am I misbehaving by using nas_server ?

Or does it sound like an ugly bug ? (NAS version


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