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replication error


I was switchover a replication, but it’s no longer functioning :

On source side, I have :

# /nbsnas/bin/nas_replicate -list

SERVICES_cifs_repl        filesystem server_2                  -->bfrcs001_s2s2     bfrcs001     Info 26045317495: Replication session state is not accessible.

on destination celerra, i have this :

bfrcs001 # /nas/bin/nas_task -l

ID    Task State Originator    Start Time                   Description                    Schedule                  Remote System

2767255 Running    nasadmin@bfr+ Sat Jun 08 14:05:16 CEST 2013 Switchover Replication SERVIC+                           pfrcs001

Any ideas ?

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Re: replication error

Maybe, you need to delete and re-créate the replication pair

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