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Access / storage of compressed (zip) files and entry retrieval


I got some files in Centera. Some are CSV, XML and others are are zip files containing small XML files inside. Each ZIP file encloses a number of files.

I'm try to index content for quicker later inspection, just so I can call API function readPartial with clipId, offset and length, and get the relevant bytes right-away.

However, ZIP files are compressed and have entries inside.

This would probably mean that, even if I know the relevant entry name into the zip, when I want to access one entry of the whole ZIP file I may have to download the ZIP file, and then apply the selection over this data.

Is there any way through the Centera API to provide the entryname to get only the content from that Zip entry name only, instead of having to download the whole file?


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Re: Access / storage of compressed (zip) files and entry retrieval

Hi NMW -

Based on the zip format specification (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zip_(file_format)#Structure)  it would appear you should be able to read the contents directory from the tail end of the archive via BlobReadPartial() and then calculate the offset/length for the file you are interested in extracting.

Good luck with this and let us know if it does (or doesn't!) work.


Mike Horgan

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