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Bound value in createProperty

We reset and Upgraded our Centera test environment to CenteraStar 4.3.

In the past with CenteraStar 4.2 we created content to the Centera and did set several properties with the method createProperty.

We did set the bound attribute to false. Now with CenteraStar 4.3 I have to set the bound value to true, otherwise I get the exception:

XSet Commit

XAM Error occured: xam/operation not allowed(1033)

org.snia.xam.InvalidOperationException: xam/operation not allowed

Does this change relay to the CenteraStar Upgrade or is there another location the does impact the work of the createProperty method?

Where could I change it?

                         XSet xSet = xSystem.createXSet(XSet.MODE_UNRESTRICTED);

                         xSet.createProperty("app-vendor", true, appVendor);  // does properly work with CenteraStar 4.3

                         xSet.createProperty("app-vendor", false, appVendor);  // does not work with CenteraStar 4.3




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