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CUA - Active Directory authentication to CIFS


I try to adding Active Directory authentication to CUA CIFS. The problem is, that our AD is very big (> 100000 Users, > 50000 Groups).

All configurations and all verifications (wbinfo -p, -t, ...) look fine. But if I perform a "/usr/bin/wbinfo -u" to look about the AD users I will get the error "Error looking up domain users" and after this all other commands run slow and get errors. After restarting smb, nmb and winbind, CUA runs till the "wbinfo -u" command.

It seems that the /usr/bin/wbinfo -u runs in a time out due to the 100000 users in this AD.

Do anyone here in the forum maybe have a CUA configuration that works with a big AD or have some hints for me?



CUA 4.0.2 (new installation)

CentraStar 4.0.2

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Re: CUA - Active Directory authentication to CIFS

Hello Gerald,

What version of CUA are you currently running?

If you just want to validate that the CUA was successfully added to a domain via Active Directory. Id recommend that you use the 'wbinfo -p' command instead.

If that is successful. You can try to map to the CUA share that was created.