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Can and can't connect to to EMEA2


I'm having a strange problem.


- linux machine, running ubuntu

- Virtual Box, running Windows 7 inside this ubuntu

When I run JCenteraVerify on these 2 machines, trying to connect to EMEA2. I get two different results (see attached screenshot):

- on the linux machine I can't connect (and it takes a very long time to figure that out)

- on Windows I can (and it's immediate)

I use the same pea file, the same ip address,  same JCenteraVerify version. The only thing that is different is the SDK version: on linux I have 3.2.705, while on Windows I use 3.2.607.

When I try the same with US5 I can connect on both machines, so my network seems to be ok.

Any idea what might be wrong?


Kim Marivoet

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