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Centera Health Report

We are receiving an Email notification for Centera health report for the decommissioned array.

Please help me where to stop this heath report as the array is already decommisioned

Subject # ConnectEMC notification from APM000XXXXXXXX


Centera Health Report
Sequence Number # 3329 Report Format Version 1.7

Report Identification
Type: health
Format DTD: health-1.7.dtd
Creation Date and Time: 12-07-2015 01:13:57.071 UTC

ConnectEMC Settings
Status: Enabled
Report Interval: 1 days
Recipients: xxx

Reply Address: ConnectEMC@emc.com
From Address: USSTCENT@genre.com
SMTP Servers: xxxxxx

Email EMC: Yes
Email EMC Encrypted: Yes


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Re: Centera Health Report

Hello Hemanth7

In order to disble connect EMC you need to have someone with EMC credentioals to log in & disbale it, however as worarkound you issue the command "set notification" with the admin user & change the SMTP server IP to a dummy IP or a fake recipient

Mandatory : what is the primary ConnectEMC smtp relay? [x.x.x.x]: dummy.fake.ip.x 

What is the secondary ConnectEMC smtp relay? [not configured]: 

Who are the recipients? [centera@centera.com]:  anything@dummy.com

From address? [not configured]: 

Issue the command?

(yes, no) [no]: y

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Re: Centera Health Report


Let me know if you need assistance regarding ConnectEMC. It happened to me, that EMC did disable ConnectEMC altogether and not only the email to EMC part.

We can also do that together in a webex session.

Best regards, Holger

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