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Centera Monitoring / Graphs

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From cbaker

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006

I'd like to ask a question to all the Centera / API tools gurus?? I just stumbled on this site and I think its awesome so far from the content I'm seeing. Here's my question. I use Centera viewer to see alot of good usefull information about all nodes in our Centera, etc... size avail, CPU info mirroring info. Does anyone know of a way to pull this data from Centera?? Via SNMP or some type of script? I'd like to accomplish adding this data graphically to our network monitoring server if possible?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've seen lots of scripts and stuff located here on the page, I'm fairly new to this site so if anyone can point me in a good direction that would be great.


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