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Centera Replication

HI All,

Could you please help me to check which Centera node is active cluster

We have 2 centera nodes in cluster . We are moving one node from one DC to other DC. I need to see which will be acitve node

1. If the acive node is the one I am moving, do i need to do any changes in EV and make other node as active

2. Can i rename centera node after moving from one DC to another. Will re-name of Centera node will impact anything to existing archieved data

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Re: Centera Replication


I think you are going to have detail your environment a bit more.

Typically a centera cluster has multiple nodes in it and these nodes all act as one unit so they are all active.  You cannot move one node away from the other(s).  Are you actually meaning nodes?

What is EV?

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Re: Centera Replication

Hi Paul,

I am not moving only nodes. We are moving entire rack from DC1 to DC2. The system is moving to another DC.

This Centera is in replication with another box in DC3.

EV -  Entirprise Vault

my query is

How to findout with node is working as an active node ( do we have any concept of Active/pasive node in Centera replication)

After i move Centera rack from DC1 to DC2 can i rename the node. Will it impact any existing archieved data

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