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Centera licensing question

What exactly is the Mirroring component of Centera licensing? Fairly new to the company and am looking at the inventory of the licensing and there is licensing for Centera Mirroring in addition to Centera replication.

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Re: Centera licensing question

Centera could be protected with mirror or/and parity.. By default centera comes with mirror protection ( CPM )

Centera Replication means copying data from one cluster( centera ) to another ( centera )

Content Protection

To assure continuous data availability and allow self healing, Centera uses Content Protection Mirrored (CPM) or Content Protection Parity (CPP) to protect data against disk and node failures. Data copies or fragments are stored on different nodes thus ensuring data redundancy.

Content Protection Mirrored (CPM)

CPM or mirroring is the process whereby each stored object is copied to another node in a Centera cluster. There is a dual power supply to each node, helping to ensure that at least one copy of the data will always be available in the event of a disk, node, or power failure.

Content Protection Parity (CPP)

CPP or parity is the process whereby each stored object is split into 6 fragments. Each fragment will be stored on a different node in the same cluster. CPP calculates a parity fragment from the stored fragments and stores that as the 7th data fragment on yet another node. This provides the ability to reconstruct the object in the event of data loss of any 1 of the 7 fragments.

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