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Centera with CUA: when will change to "WORM" status


If using CUA, mount as NFS, and customer write data.

How is the file being changed to Compliance mode “immutable” ?
Is the file changed to immutable mode only after the file is being closed properly by the application, does it need to be change to Read-Only (like Isilon SmartLock or NetApp SmartLock)?



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Re: Centera with CUA: when will change to "WORM" status

Hello Donald,

All objects stored on Centera landed  per se on a WORM device, as it is not possible to modify them. (Changed content creates a new Content Address and hence is not stored under the previous Address)
If the application has set a retention period or the Pool on Centera has a default retention period defined AND the Centera is NOT in Basic mode, then any delete call from an application for a content address is checked against the current retention period and rejected if this retention period is not elapsed. Centera does NOT delete expired objects automatically!
PS. This is valid for all applications of which CUA is one of them

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Re: Centera with CUA: when will change to "WORM" status

HI Sienahk

I guess what you are looking for is the time until a writeback to Centera occurs.

CUA will write after 1 minute. If retention needs to be set, this will be done after 30 Minutes.

Best regards, Holger

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