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CenteraViewer 4.3p5 deploy upgrade tgz fail

Hi all

I have the most recent Centera Install Procedure. Running Centera Viewer build 4.32347 and the ServiceExt 4.3.2356 as required.

The result of the upgrade deploy is:

Config# upgrade deploy C:\Upgrade\upgrader-build-4.2-199.tgz

Issue the command?

(yes, no) [no]: y

Uploading C:\Upgrade\upgrader-build-4.2-199.tgz, please wait.

Checking nodes, please wait.

Checking and installing upgrade scripts, please wait.

Error:  could not check or upload the upgrade scripts.Could not upload file C:\Upgrade\upgrader-build-4.2-199.tgz

I tried the original serviceExt version. Also a couple of versions in the 4.3 CenteraViewer (without the patch5).

Versions 2325, 2336, 2342, 2348, 2356 tested with both Versions of CenteraViewer.

I run them on a Windows10 Machine with all patches applied.

Any idea what breaks the upgrade process?

Thanks, Holger

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