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Content Failover with Primary and Secondary Clusters

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From jjdemski
Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2008

I'm testing content failover in a configuration with a primary and a secondary cluster. In one case, the clip in question exists only on the secondary cluster. Content failover works for read, exists, and delete: they all see the clip on the secondary cluster.

However, if the primary cluster is running CentraStar 3.1.3, content failover works on read, but it takes almost a minute for the read to complete. (Exists and delete are fast.) If the primary cluster is running CentraStar 4.0.1, read is fast.

I think I noticed another slow content failover in my testing, but I was more interested in functionality than performance, and didn't make note of it.

Are there any recommendations of what versions of CentraStar should be used on a primary cluster to avoid these slow content failovers? Is there a list of what does or doesn't work well?


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